What Salty Dawg – Dog Walkers in Sydney Say about Frequent Dog Walks

People keep dogs for different reasons. While some people keep dogs to avoid intruders, others see them as the best friends they could have. Having a dog at home should give you happiness and companion that rejuvenates your mind. Dog walking is one of the activities you can engage with your puppy and keep both of you happy. However, your dog may not participate well in such activities if it is not properly trained. According to most Salty Dawg - Dog Walkers Sydney has today, trained dogs know how to walk along the streets and show no odd behaviors. These dog walkers assert that dog walking:

Salty Dawg - Dog Walkers Sydney

 Stimulates your dog’s socialization skills

These walks don’t only improve the health of your pup, but they also stimulate and sharpen their senses.  Outdoor walks give your dog an opportunity to know the world around her better. This means the dog can feel, smell, hear and see everything around the new environment when out for a walk. Your pup also meets new people and animals on the way and this helps them to develop better socialization skills. You shouldn’t take these brief stimuli and encounters for granted because they mean a lot to your dog.

Improves the health of your pup

Just like human beings, dogs require consistent and regular physical exercises to be happy, healthy and live long. Dogs that feed properly and rarely go out for exercise are likely to become obese. The Association of Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) affirms that about 54 percent of cats and dogs in the United States have become obese.  Many Salty Dawg – Dog Walkers Sydney has insist that exposing dogs to exercises prevent them from acquiring many other related health complications. For this reason, it is important to schedule a 20-minute walk for your dog daily.

Enhances your peace of mind

If your dog has not been exposed to outdoor walks, it is crucial to hire professional walkers to train them. Leaving your dog in the hands of such professionals makes you feel relaxed and happy about what your dog is learning. You will not disorganize your duties at your workplace to leave earlier with the assumption that your dog is locked up somewhere at home and lonely. You will rather avoid stress and have your smile knowing that the dog will enjoy quality outdoor walks with the trainer.

Shapes the behavior of your dog

As most Salty Dawg – Dog Walkers Sydney has today explain, a tired pup is a well-behaved pup. Walking with your dog for a lengthy distance releases much of their preserved energy leaving them calmer.  This experience helps your pup to do away with queer behaviors such as biting, chewing, using your bathroom, barking at anyone and burrowing holes in the lawn or along the fence. Such behaviors may embarrass you in front of special guests at home and leave them wondering what kind of an ill-behaved pup you have.

These 4 points leave you with less or no excuses why you should not expose your pup to outdoor walks or leave them in the hands of professional walkers to be trained. Moreover, frequent walks with your dog keep both of you healthy and happy. If you thought that people who walk with their dogs just engage another social and idle activity, you now know there is more to outdoor walks than that.Visit http://www.saltydawg.com.au.

Post Author: Claire