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Welcome to the Allen Animal Hospital!

Our goal at the Allen Animal Hospital is to provide excellent veterinary care and service to nurture the human-animal bond, recognizing that the needs of both patients and owners must be taken into consideration.  We strive to treat each patient and owner with the compassion, respect and kindness that they deserve.  We understand that each family (no matter how big or small) has a unique set of concerns regarding their pet.  We believe our patients will be best served when their owners can express their wishes openly to a veterinarian who is listening.  Together, we can formulate a plan that best suits the needs of the entire family.

The Allen Animal Hospital offers a wide range of services to help keep your pet healthy.

 We believe this starts with regular Wellness examinations and preventative care.  Annual health examinations involve not only vaccinations but, more importantly, a thorough health check. Diseases of the mouth and teeth, ear, heart and other problems are frequently detected during this examination and can be treated more successfully when detected early.